What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is your bodys natural response to stress. It is an overwhelming fear or apprehension about what is to come.

Most people that suffer with anxiety experience a sensation of feeling rushed and overwhelmed. They often spend a lot of time in their head, worrying about the future and trying depserately to control or organise it, to create calmness. But ultimately leading to more and more stress and panic, as the future is difficult to predict and plan. 

Often this desperation to gain some form of control, leads to a feeling of bieng permenantly stuck in a fight or flight response, which creates a constant feeling of unease, racing heart, shortness of breath & occasionally, panic attacks.

How Does NLP & IEMT benefit anxiety?

NLP functions to reduce feelings of anxiety by eliminating negative thought patterns, and by healing old self-sabotaging habits that may be inhibiting the healing process.

The techniques taught within my therapeutic approach are very successful with reducing anxiety sigificantly from the first session.

Together we look at ways of organising and filing the mind, to allow space for clarity and freedom from a muddled, overloaded brain. We also look at ways of reprogramming your behaviours to stay seperate from the ‘feeling’ of anxiety and ways of de-escalating any physical feelings quickly and effectively.

You will learn ways to bring your self back to a more carefree, laid back mind set. Taking each day at a time and not feeling constantly overwhelmed & pressured by the ‘what ifs?’ of the future.

Physiologically, NLP stimulates the frontal left cortex of the brain responsible for feelings of calm, happiness and well being.

IEMT also helps with rapid change work on overwhelming negative emotions or identity issues and is incredibly effective on Anxiety.

“Louise is absolutely amazing.
I was hugely sceptical that anyone could help me after over 20 years of fairly debilitating social anxiety. I was at a point where I couldn’t make small talk, would avoid eye contact with anyone so I didn’t have to engage in a conversation and pretty much avoid as many social situations as possible. The social anxiety had got so bad that it had snowballed into just a general anxious feeling which was awful.
Over the last 5 months my life has changed completely. I’ve got a voluntary placement in a school, which I am loving and I’m going to college to study to be a teaching assistant. If Louise had told me I’d have a job in a school 5 months ago I’d have laughed and said “don’t be ridiculous”.
I still have some little things I need to tweak – mainly shutting up that annoying voice of self-doubt. But the change in less than 6 months is huge. I’d tried another therapist in the past and also hypnotherapy both to no avail.
I can not recommend Louise highly enough. And can’t thank her enough for helping me turn my life around. She is wonderful at what she does and is just an amazing lady altogether!”