What is Childrens Therapy?

Many children & teens have problems that can affect how they feel, act or learn.

Childrens therapy can help a child to understand, why they are feeling and acting like they are and assist them in making the connections between the two. It provides the child with the techniques & understanding they need to make life easier moving forward.

How will this therapeutic approach benefit my child?

More and more in todays world, children are suffering with over thinking & anxiety or behaviour issues & sadness. Children struggle to handle their emotions or understand why they are feeling like they are.

With increased pressures in the world, parents working longer hours, teachers feeling the pressure of constant assessments and the overwhelming pressures and negativity on social media,  children from all ages are starting to feed off these pressures. The result of this is unfortunately that anxiety & depression in children, is now at an all time high.

The good news is children are also like sponges, so once they have a couple of sessions of therapy they take onboard everything that is asked of them, try out the techniques, feel the benefits and continue to do them, without question. Meaning the changes in children can be seen very quickly and in very few sessions.


Having a neutral person to offload too, who undersatnds what they are going through and can explain why they are feeling a certain way in simple terms, helps them to feel imediately calmer. Explaining how their thoughts, feelings and behaviours are connected, lifts the pressure very quickly and changes can start to be seen from the very first session.

Parents can be actively involved in the sessions or allow the child to access independently, with helpful feedback handed over at the end of each session, so therapy techniques can be continued at home.

These session’s can be carried out face to face or online via video sessions. The session’s are very lightehearted and fun, focusing on a solution & moving forward, rather than dwelling on any past causes or trauma. This approach is carried out through games and play or light hearted discussion, depending on age.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your childs needs further.

“I would love to recommend Louise to everyone in need of any kind of support weather it be guidance or therapy.

I asked Louise to try and help myself and family with regards to my daughter who has been through a very traumatic and emotional year.

Louise has brought so much confidence back out in my daughter and put all faith back in to her and she is back to her lovely beautiful kind caring self again.

Louise really has been amazing and is extremely talented in what she does!!

5 ⭐️”

“My daughter has suffered with anger issues, her behaviour in school was terrible and her work (which had always been good) was suffering. After moving up from primary school she has struggled with the transition and had made a new (not so great) bunch of friends and was acting up, making silly choices. Louise worked with her for six sessions in school and the difference in her is incredible! She has ditched the group of mates she was hanging out with and is now back with an old group of friends, she is making better choices and her work has improved. If this service wasn’t offered I cant imagine where she would be now!’”

“My little boys personality changed from being happy and carefree to having the weight of the world on his shoulder and being very very sad the majority of the time, as a mother this was very distressing and I felt helpless!

Louise saw him for two sessions and the difference is incredible, she has given me some great tips about dealing with a child that wont talk about how he feels and since his sessions he is like a new kid and his smile is back, eternally grateful is an understatement!’”