What is a Corporate Wellness Coach?

A corporate wellness coach is an expert in the field of well-being, specializing & qualified, in empowering employees to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. My role extends beyond simply providing advice; I act as a guide, motivator, and mentor. Working closely with individuals to help them set and achieve goals and feel moltivated, confident and happy in the work place. A happy, motivated  member of staff, works harder, more efficiently, is goal orientated and is constantly looking to grow & achieve on individual and group targets.

How will corporate wellness coaching benefit my business?

As one of the most important resources of any business, it is staggering how little some companies do to nurture the talent that they already have at their disposal. Which can lead to staff being poached or paying higher salaries for those who have learnt elsewhere.

Approximately one-third of our lives is spent working – making the role of a corporate wellness coach invaluable in safeguarding mental health, encouraging happiness, and ensuring the effectiveness of all employees.

As your coach I will perform a needs assessment for both your organisation and individual employees, using the GROW model and the Wheel of Life.

I will look at factors that are limiting growth potential, the key areas of workplace unhappiness, reasons for demotivation. Whilst considering new more successful ways of enhancing relationships between staff, managment and employees. Creating motivation tools and addressing ways of encouraging staff moral and a positive, powerful and successful enviroment and attitude to work and each other.

As a qualified solution focused therapist, I have worked with individuals and groups in a workforce setting, through coaching, mentoring, workshops and one to one sessions. Successfully ending workforce disputes through understanding and changing stuck perspectives. Motivating staff collectively to achieve goals and boost moral. Overcome limited beliefs and manage emotional wellbieng in the workplace. All of which enhance the work enviroment, performance & reputation of a company.

Having previously worked within the education service, the NHS and numerous other organisations and businesses to improve every aspect of the service they offer and the staffs overall wellbieng.

From resolving a small one to one staff issue, to providing full workforce training and coaching. I will happily tailor a package to meet your needs or we can conduct a general business enhancement assessment and work from there. 

Please feel free to contact me for more information and rates.