What is Couple’s therapy?

Couple’s therapy or relationship therapy is an effective form of talking therapy, which enables individuals to express and understand their own and each others feelings and behaviours within a relationship dynamic, to help overcome obstacles and move forward postively together.

How Does NLP & Solution focused therapy help?

The therapeutic approach I offer to my clients is very successful in creating understanding and acceptance within a relationship. My approach gives couples the chance to explore & understand why  their partner behaves, feels & expresses themselves in the way that they do and also gives them the opportunity to reflect on their own behaviour and responses to gain a new perspective within the relationship dynamic.

When you gain understanding into why you both behave or respond in certain ways it encourages empathy. This allows for calmness, understanding & patience, while the more damaging behaviours & responses are being worked on and changed. This process creates a much deeper level of connection within the relationship, deepening the bond and growing the relationship to a new level.

These sessions are carried out together and seperately, allowing for individuals to work on their own changes and adaptations, as well as working towards the initital couple goals.  Individual goals and couple goals are laid out from the outset and these are brought back together at different points throughout the sessions. Most couples gain huge benefits from the first session, as they are able to speak and be listened to in a mediated enviroment and have techniques and understanding to move forward with from the first appointment.

Sessions can be carried out face to face or online through video sessions. Please feel free to contact me for further information or to arrange an appointment.

“Myself and my partner visited Louise for couples therapy just over a year ago. We were very much on the path to ending the relationship but with a new baby, we felt we needed to at least try to work things out.

We had therapy together and apart. It was really good to be able to express our feelings in a calm environment and also hear about the effects of our own behaviour on the other person.

We learnt so much about each other during therapy and this made us so much stronger, we almost became like a little team. We began working together, considering each other and both individually overcame things we were both doing that were behaviours learnt in past relationships.

We are now happier than ever and planning our wedding. I can’t believe we were so close to walking away and losing all that we have now.”