Do you feel like you have tried everything?

Diet, after diet, after diet…….?

Sometimes, the reasons you struggle to lose that weight or drop that dress size, is not just about the food you eat…..

Emotional attachments to food, that you have taken onboard throughout your life, and usually from a very early age, has a massive impact on the way you eat and how you store fat.

Until these issues are acknowledged and dealt with your weight issues will always be a battle, going from one unsuccessful diet, to the next.

Common food related issues that I can help with:

Sabotaging behaviors

Comfort eating

Under eating

Obsessive behaviours

My approach & techniques will help you work on the real reasons behind your weight problems, taking away the attachments you have placed on food and helping you work towards a lighter future.

Together, using light trance work, we can get to the bottom of where your issues with food stem from and work on changing them, establishing a new mindset going foward, so that food no longer links to or evokes emotion. Finally setting you free…..

“Ive always struggled with my weight, Louise made me get to the emotional reasons why I eat, we dealt with those and now Im looking & feeling great!”