How do I access your audios and online content?


You are able to access lots & lots of audios, created by myself, for you to enjoy. These are accessible through the members area of the website.

So, why have I created a members section on this site?  For the simple reason that I have been asked to do so, by sooooooo many of my lovely clients!

Many of my clients past and present, have often said,

I wish I could just get a bit of advice, if I’m having a wobble or a bad day’


‘Im ready to stop sessions, but I feel like I would just like to learn even more about how I tick and to keep on top of my mind going forward’.

I also have people contact me, that do not necessarily need sessions, but would like a bit of coaching or advice.

Or the waiting list is too long, and they want to access my personal audios and content while they wait.

So, the members section was created!

The members area has a full library of audios, recorded by myself, on every self help topic you can imagine. So you can listen on the go, at the gym, in the car or even cleaning the house!

There is advise on everything you can imagine!

Anxiety, depression, relationships, overthinking, obsessive thinking, health anxiety, dealing with people, self worth, social anxiety, how our brains work, ‘what if’ thinking, life coaching, getting balance, managing anger and much much more, the list is endless…..

As well as access to the library of audios and printable pdfs, there are also interactive audios. These are great, because I will talk you through helpful techniques in the moment. Techniques to quieten your mind, shift out unhelpful feelings or thoughts, relaxation meditations and mindful interactive audios that will take you on a journey of letting go or moving forward, positively. As well as techniques for you to use in the moment, if you are having a wobble or are in a panic state.

Every week a new audio or interactive audio is added to the site, along with inspirational quotes.

So, you not only gain access to the full library of knowledge and techniques already recorded. You also get access to four new ones, every month!

You can also, confidentially, request any topics you would like me to cover, and they will be added to the site.

So, what are you waiting for!

If you think this is something you would like to be part of, click the ‘join membership’ button below. If you are already a member head to the members all access page, log in and enjoy!

I look forward to working with you on your journey to happiness and growth!