Many people suffer with fear or phobias:




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These fears and phobias where not there at birth, so throughout your life something has triggered this fear within you. Some people feel they can recall the initial trigger, while others can not remember where the fear stems from.

Using NLP techniques it is possible to get to the bottom of this, find the initial trigger and take the emotion from the memory, so that you do not continue to bring it forward into your present and future.

IEMT can then be used to rid you of the feeling of fear, within this circumstance, so that when you encounter the unnerving situation again, you no longer relate it to the experience that started your fear and you no longer have the feeling that you associate with it. Take the next step to finally getting your life back….

“In approximately September 2013, I booked an appointment to visit Louise for IEMT and NLP after a recommendation from a trusted close friend of mine. I was quite honestly at my witts end by this stage. With inlaws living in Tenerife and family in America I had managed to put off holidaying via aeroplane for 7 years due to the extreme fears I developed since a bad flying experience 15 years previously.

I made a conscious decision to never fly again. I was unfixable in my eyes. I have to be honest, I’m a sceptic and when I heard about what Louise had to offer I didn’t think she’d be able to help, but for a small fee and an hour of my time I thought ‘what harm could it do?’ Little did I know this was to be a life changing hour.

I met Louise at her house. I was shaking and fidgeting at the thought of having to even talk about flying. Louise could see I was visibly shaken and she quickly put me at ease. Using a combination of both IEMT and neuro linguistic programming, Louise took me on an emotional journey where I was taught to accept and understand my fears and turn them into knowledge rather than a negative uncontrollable impulse.

After about 40 minutes I started thinking that I was ridiculous for being afraid. I started considering the effects I had on my family and I realised it was a massive weight I’d been carrying around and fuelling without consciously wanting to. She went over things again and again repeating the positives and not even allowing me to consider the negative. She taught me to calm myself quickly by choosing a spot on my body and linking it to a calming memory where I felt proud of myself.

I still to this day use this technique in all sorts of situations. I booked a flight the next day for Christmas in Florida with family members. They honestly couldnt believe it. That first flight, I remember they kept staring at me waiting for me to break waiting for the usual tears, screaming, shaking, even praying.

In the end it was me comforting my son through a spot of turbulence. Flying for me is a form of transport now. She quite honestly has changed my life. The best thing is she armed me with the tools to cope with so much more than just flying. I use her techniques in so many aspects of my life. I can’t recommend Louise enough.”


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