How does Individual therapy work?

Individual therapy can be carried out either face to face, online through video sessions or with telephone sessions. This is usually dependent on individual preference or circumstance.

Individual therapy can help with numerous issues:




Fears & Phobias

Life coaching ( self worth, confidence etc )

And many many more......


Typically, people have between 2 and 10 sessions (situation dependent). But have the tools & techniques in place to benefit from the very first session.

These sessions will involve NLP, IEMT & SLT techniques and aproaches, to assist you in moving forward positively and free from suffering.

Please feel free to browse my website further to read more on each approach and to look at the different areas that I can help with.

If you have any questions. please feel free to contact me.


“‘I received iemt treatment off louise to resolve a deep seated negativity that had manifested over 17 years due to the sudden tragic loss of a loved one. I had hidden guilt and extremely low self worth – post traumatic stress- which affected lots of my relationships mainly life long partners.

Louise worked sensitively and compassionately with me to address these emotions and I had every confidence that I would break through them with her help; safe to say we did. Her professionalism is second to none and i am eternally grateful that I am now free and lighter without the burden I’d been dragging round for so long.

I would highly recommend – already have done – louise to anyone who wants to work through issues such as guilt, low self worth, depression, grief or stress.’”