Life coaching sessions incorporate working on a whole range of issues. More importantly they are here to help you effectively and quickly change the way you respond and react to certain things in your life that may be holding you back and effecting your present and future.


This could be any of the following:


Relationship Issues


Self confidence

Regret / resentment



Repeat negative behaviours

Feeling Out Of Control

Sadness / low mood

And many many more…..

How can life coaching help?

Life coaching sessions work on helping you become aware of the self talk you are using on a daily basis, as you run over things in your mind.

Once you become aware of this you can start to change it, which will have a huge impact on your mood.

The first session assesses the issues you are experiencing and using different techniques, offers a chance to reprogramme the way you are thinking and start to look at life more positively.

Within the sessions, we can explore triggers that may cause negative feelings and learn new behaviours and responses to assist you moving forward.

Life coaching can be used to find where these issues stem from and work on changing the initial trigger to stop you having these feelings in the present, setting you on your way to a much brighter future.

Life coaching is powerful and life changing, you will learn a lot about your self, your values & beliefs and why you act or feel the way you do. It is tailored to your needs and desires, enabling you to really get the most from life, feel happy & motivated and have the ability to handle anything that comes your way with confidence and positivity.

“I have had life coaching with Louise for the last six months. I originally decided to have coaching because I was suffering with stress that was overwhelming me and I was feeling irritable and anxious and just generally feeling like I couldn’t get a handle on things or stay in a level frame of mind.

I also had issues with work colleagues and was having to deal with someone who was very manipulative and I felt like it was impossible. My self worth was at an all time low and I was just not coping well.

I meet with Louise once a month to work on everything I am going through. Literally, within a couple of weeks after my first session I felt so much more in control, my anxiety had reduced and I could feel my self esteem building, from doing the original techniques she taught me and from releasing some triggers I was bringing forward from my past.

She has taught me how to deal with people and how to manage myself, I have literally gone from strength to strength. In just six sessions my life has completely turned around. I’ve been promoted at work, I have gained the courage to leave an unhappy relationship and I feel happy and excited for my future. I can’t believe what I have achieved in such a short space of time. I cannot thank Louise enough for all the help she has given me and what she has taught me, it has been invaluable. I always look forward to my sessions and leave feeling on track and in control of every aspect of my life. Thanks Louise.”