Therapies Offered

WHat is NLP?

What is IEMT?

What is SFT?

What is BWRT?

As a therapist my background is in Psychology, Neuro Psychology & Psychopathology. I have studied many forms of therapy over the years and have a tool bag of many solution focused modalities to work with. Because of this, I like to tailor my sessions to each individual’s needs by using the techniques and therapeutic approaches that I feel will benefit the individual & get the best results, quickly.

Everyone has all the resources they need to make positive changes in their life. NLP, SFT, BWRT & IEMT techniques are used as tools to facilitate these changes.

New patterns of behaviour are established and the techniques learned can be used in many situations going forward in life.

Please take a look at each of the individual therapy models that I use within sessions to learn more and gain further understanding of the process.