The easiest way to explain Neuro Linguistic Programming, commonly abbreviated to NLP, is to look at each of the three terms. While they sound a bit of a mouthful, which is because of their roots in academia, the term NLP is associated with many emotional healing techniques that are proven to provide positive results.


The concept that all behaviour is physiological i.e. has its origins in neurological processes such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Using the central nervous system and the autonomic system primarily, body and mind are one system. What this shows us is the relevance of physical changes linked with emotions, e.g. the dry mouth when we feel anxious, butterflies in the stomach when we feel nervous, going red with embarrassment.


That we use language to order our thoughts and communicate with others. As neurological research has moved on since NLP was used as the terminology we now know that communication is much more subtle, and takes place at more complex levels e.g. body language and pheromones. However the cognitive “thinking” part of the brain still relies on language to make sense of our experiences and to interpret our world.


Patterns of how we organise ideas and actions. Often we find we use the same patterns repeatedly. Once a pattern is learned the brain will continue to use it until something different is programmed (learned).

NLP Therapy

With this in mind a session of NLP Therapy concentrates on the language you may be using within your own mind in a negative way, which hinders positive progress. Techniques are carried out to locate these negative processes and re-programme them positively. Other techniques using light trance work allow me to access your sub conscious to see the triggers you have placed and negative memories you have linked in your past which are effecting you in the now, and change them.

NLP is hugely successful within one to two sessions, within all aspects. Feel free to read through the testimonials, on my home page, to read about other peoples positive experiences with NLP.

My Approach

We cannot change the past, but we CAN change the way it effects us moving forward.

As humans we naturally dwell on the past, we visit it often in our mind, we talk to ourselves about it, we regret parts of it, we beat ourselves up about it or we remain stuck in it.

Once we have experienced something and felt a certain way about it, our self talk changes. This then impacts on our behaviours and emotions going forward.

Sometimes we bounce between the future and the past in our heads, comparing the two and looking at ways our past may impact our future, in a very unhelpful and negative way.

With anxiety we become stuck trying to control the future, which doesnt even exist. Desperately trying to gain control over all the made up ‘what ifs?’ in our heads.

My therapeutic approach looks at all of these common behaviours, the programmes we run, that are unhelpful to us and keep us trapped in our heads, rumanating over the past or the future, overwhelming us and stopping us from living a carefree and happy life.

The techniques I teach, change these common unhelpful behaviours, focusing on a solution to move you forward postively, rather than going over old ground and dredging up old emotions, together we work towards a brighter more postive & carefree future.

“After years of counselling, I was amazed how quickly I saw massive results with NLP! sensitive and professional. Thank you”

“The NLP sessions have really helped me in making very positive changes to my life moving forward, Thanks so much”