What is Depression?

Depression is a mental illness that entails an overwhelming sense of sadness, loss and hopelessness. Bouts of the condition may span from weeks to years, and may sometimes cause the sufferer to despair so greatly they no longer want to live.

How Does NLP & IEMT Benefit Depression?

NLP functions to reduce feelings of depression by eliminating negative thought patterns, and by healing old self-sabotaging habits that may be inhibiting the healing process. Physiologically, NLP stimulates the frontal left cortex of the brain responsible for feelings of calm, happiness and well being. This helps the depressed individual not only to feel better, but also in developing safe and positive coping strategies, to help them deal with their condition.

IEMT helps with rapid change work on over whelming, negative emotions or identity issues and is very effective on depression that is a result of a traumatic event or sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder.